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This tutorial will show you how we can use dynamic model yii2.In some case, we do not want the model because we do not want to insert any data in the MySQL tables. But we need client-side and server-side validations to secure our functionality. To overcome this problem we have an option in yii2 to use dynamic models. For DynamicModel we don't need to create any file Or Class. Everything is already implemented by Yii we just need… Read More
Introduction: Composer is package manager for the PHP. Composer for managing php dependencies and download php package, library, framework etc. Summary: In this post, I am going to show you how we can download and install composer in Window. It is not much difficult to download just follow the below steps. First of all, you need to on Composer official website with this https://getcomposer.org/download/ link. For Windows system, we do not need to run any commands.… Read More
Introduction: Yii2 is the fast-growing PHP framework. It has a lot of features like client-side and server-side validations, debug tools and a lot of extensions to work easier. It is the best framework for bigger websites. Summary: There are two types of apps available to download Yii2 one is Basic which is useful for the small website which has no more panel only has frontend. Another one is Advanced which is useful for projects which have more than one panel. In this post,… Read More
Introduction: Laravel is a great PHP framework. It has a lot of features related to validations, working with array and some other security features. You can learn about laravel from laracasts here you can also find some other good things about laravel. Summery: In this post, I am going to show you how we can download laravel with the help of Composer. If you want to know about the composer you can see my post How To Install Composer. Let's start, There are two methods… Read More
Introduction: Lumen is laravel micro-framework which is used to create  REST APIs. It is very fast and small. There is a lot of features available in lumen either it is for validation or for authentification process. If you are going to make an App for Android, IOS or for web (angular, react js if you don't want to use node js) the lumen would be the best option to work in server side. Summary:  In this post, I am going to… Read More
Summary: During installation of the composer dependency some time we cross the GitHub's rate limit. In this case, we need to provide GitHub credentials to the composer by generating GitHub token manually. You can learn more from composer documentation  Composer documentation about Github API tokens. In this post, I am going to show you how we can generate GitHub token. Let's start, First of all, we need a GitHub account if you have already login to it or you need to login… Read More

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