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Summary: During installation of the composer dependency some time we cross the GitHub’s rate limit. In this case, we need to provide GitHub credentials to the composer by generating GitHub token manually. You can learn more from composer documentation  Composer documentation about Github API tokens. In this post, I am going to show you how we can generate GitHub token.
Let’s start,
First of all, we need a GitHub account if you have already login to it or you need to login create a new one by following this link GitHub login. When you have logged in go to the top right Image then follow the below:

                     Top right Image >> Settings >> Developer settings>>Personal access tokens


After click on Personal access tokens, you have Generate new token option in the top right of the page. As I shown in image(1).
Now we need to click on Generate new token now ask you enter the description for your token. I just enter Test after this you can select scopes means access level of your token, I leave checkbox empty and just click on green  Generate token button at the end.  As shown in image(2).


Now a new page is open with the generated token you need to copy this token and place it on any safe place so that you can access it multiple time. It is not going to show again in your GitHub account. Shown in the image(3).


If you are downloading something with help of composer and it needs token just copy from here right click on your Terminal (for Linux) or Cmd (command prompt for Window) depends on what you are using then press Enter you process continue again.

That’s all! ?
Still, face any problem you can post your comment below we definitely help you ?

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