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Introduction: Lumen is laravel micro-framework which is used to create  REST APIs. It is very fast and small. There is a lot of features available in lumen either it is for validation or for authentification process. If you are going to make an App for Android, IOS or for web (angular, react js if you don’t want to use node js) the lumen would be the best option to work in server side.

Summary:  In this post, I am going to show you how to install lumen in your local machine.

Let’s start, There is two ways to install lumen one is via lumen Installer and another is via composer. I am going to be with the second one. Very first we need the composer to install lumen to download composer you can see our post how-to-install-composer.

Once you have composer installed you need to run below command in command prompt on your XAMPP or WAMP directory. In my case I have XAMPP in E drive I just go in my htdocs folder with the help cmd. As you can see figure(1).

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/lumen lumenTest


Here you can see at the last of command you can see write lumenTest. This is my folder name in where I want lumen to be downloaded. You can write any name as you want. Once the download process is completed you can see a folder name lumenTest is created in your drive where you run the above command.

If you want to check whether lumen installed or not. Start your localhost and write the proper path of your public folder. Like in my case it is http://localhost/lumenTest/public/ as I show in figure(2).


That’s all! ?
Still, face any problem you can contact us we definitely help you ?

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