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The Privacy of our visitor is crucial for us. We are never going to share any personal information with any third party. We are using some tools and functionality to improve our website the description of that is given below. we are suggesting to our visitor to read our privacy policy.


We are using the cookie in our website to collect some basic information of the visitor. We are using some tool like google analytics which may also be using cookie. In future, we may use some other tools or technologies which use the cookie and store data in your browser to help us to show the better result.

Third party links and Ads

Our site may contain some third party website links or some ads. These links and ads helping us to pay bills. We will not responsible for any action that you take place with these links and ads. Check privacy policy of that website carefully.

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is the web tool which is used for web analysis. We are using it to know the visitor behavior on our website. Which is help us to know about users interest. It is also collecting some basic information of the visitor like IP address, browser etc. You can check here Google Analytics Terms of Service.


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